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Unlocking the pathway to growth – a scalable solution for integrating across the health ecosystem


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The Challenge

Our customer is a Health Technology Company engaged with al arge health agency in the UK.  They are on a mission to provide an integrated pathways solution for patient episodes across the Health ecosystem – from GPs to Providers to Pathology, Imaging and Specialist providers.

Their underlying challenge is the complexity and scalability of the multiple integrations required to facilitate data exchange across this ecosystem. Along with the variation in standards being applied (e.g FHIR).

The Solution

aieos is being leveraged to deliver an iPaaS solution that:

•       Consumes and manages Health Standards and their various releases as a framework for data transformations across external and internal systems

•       Operates the integration gateways required for integrating these multiple and various external health systems to the customer’s own application (across imaging, e-prescriptions, pathology, other)

•       Embeds semantic modelling for ML or AI-assisted data mapping and transformations

•       All managed via the aieos workflow to enable highly configurable and automated ingestion, mapping and maintenance of bi-directional data flows and mapping rules

•       Under pinned by aieos native security, observability and traceability standards.

The Value

Clear Dynamics is in the process of delivering this solution.  The intended value is threefold:

•       Unlocking the pathway to growth – a scalable solution for integrating across the health ecosystem

•       Productivity at minimal unit cost of change – automation and ML enabled processes for ingestion and transformation of data, coupled with an intuitive user interface for human supervision

•       Risk and compliance – security and observability of all data flows, transformations and modifications

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