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The Challenge

From a tried and failed attempt, this customer needed to migrate over 5 million customer records to form the source of truth baseline for $8b Securitisation processing and ongoing ingesting of data for deltas driving the securitisation book. The cloned systems needed to run in parallel with the existing processes to seamlessly cross over between offers.

The Solution

•       Establishment data migration ingested 5 million customer records.

•       Clear Dynamics migrated all data and then iteratively mapped and cleansed the data as required.

•       First load established securitisation as a point of truth as a basis for future loads for deltas oncustomer balances.

•       The data coming in refreshes securitisation calculations through workflow.

The Value

•       Updating the data set on a daily basis and running for 5 years without incident.

•       Without securitisation the lending would all need to be “on-book” leading to a funding shortfall and inability to lend

•       Security wrapped around the application prevented data breaches.

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