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Speed to settlement processing time reduced from 30 days to 3 hours


Greenfield Applications




Commercial loan originations

The Challenge

To operate as a leading provider in small business banking, this client needed to uplift its manual paper-based customer origination processes for complex loans and reduce the time to decision, which was averaging 30 days.

The Solution

Clear Dynamics delivered a Commercial Loans Origination Engine that:

•       Supported all credit products and asset classes from house and credit cards to farm machinary and aircraft

•       Provided decisioning support for staff

•       Integrated with their CRM to ensure mapping of all offices/stakeholders for KYC purposes

•       Digitised process flows for each product type

•       Provided document management embedded within the solution for contract management.

Extension of solution to support all activities on facilities (annual checks, changes to facilities, discharging facilities).

The Value

  1. Speed to settlement - processing time reduced from 30 days to 3 hours.
  2. Productivity improvement - significant reduction in manual processing of applications, allowing focus on customer engagement.  
  3. Efficient compliance management - Extension of solution to provide credit position reporting for APRA requirements on individuals, entities and facilities.

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