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Strategic pricing and contracting

The Challenge

Our customer purchases more than a third of Australia’s grain crop for both export and delivery to wholesale customers in Australia. They buy across 4 grains, and up to 20 grades per grain, from 1,000+ drop points, and coordinate with 20+ port zones. 

The model underpinning pricing - effectively, a market-making role - was based in Excel and relied on intuition.

The customer wanted to transition to a standardised, automated trading application. Off-the-shelf systems were not an option given their unique requirements. But most importantly, the real barrier to systematising the trading process was the complexity of integration that would be required from a data model perspective.

The Solution

Clear Dynamics delivered a strategic pricing engine that:

•       Aggregates data from 15 different systems and over 90 integration calls across internal and external sources into a consolidated data model

•       Creates triggers on each data stream, based on tolerances and calculations, then individualises pricing for each grower partner.

•       Provides a GUI for traders to perform their trades, adopting a personalised UX for facilitating trader adoption.

The Value

•       Faster action on pricing signals to ensure they are pricing dynamically and responding to market shifts.

•       Improved cost: benefit ratios and pricing optimisation.

•       Shifted trader focus from Excel manipulation and data aggregation to trading insights and analysis.

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