Integration Solutions

It's your data your way.

Our integration capabiities are flexible, interoperable and proven. We can integrate internal and external data sources 10x faster than a developer-led approach.

We've proven our integration capability with over 70 different integrations in production.

We are source agnostic. We can use or api gateway or other methods. We can even produce a new interface that sits over the top.

Your data your way

Clear Dynamics has unique capabilities to be able to integrate your data sources. We are system agnostic, and can take multiple data feeds from internal and external systems, no matter how difficult or complex.

We take the schema instructions and convert those into platform instructions. These instructions are imported into our platform aieos. This creates a fully functioning API. From your data, we can then build software using automation. This could be as simple as an interface layer that sits across your schema.

The process to build an API gateway takes days, and any changes to the resulting schema will adopt the changes across all layers of the software - again, in days, not weeks or months.

Software transformation is often a long and complicated process, but it needn’t be.

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