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Clear Dynamics was born out of a deeply rooted belief that unnecessary complexity is holding organisation backs. It makes businesses expensive to run, almost impossible to scale and hard to secure.

We are experts at breathing new life into old systems. We create better software applications, faster, by leveraging the power of our AI-driven platform, aieos

Our mission is to future proof your organisation. By modernising your applications and removing technical debt from your business, we propel you towards a fully flexible and secure environment that will stand the test of time.

Our history.
Laying the groundwork.

Our founder Dan Beaty started Clear Dynamics with the strong vision that building complex software shouldn’t be drudgery. Applications should fit your business needs and if your business needs change, the software should be able to keep up.

Dan foresaw that technical debt would end up being a company’s Achilles heel and he was right. Twelve years on, that vision still underpins everything we do today.


Dan Beaty’s drive to find a better way to build modern enterprise applications leads him to found Clear Dynamics.


We hired our first three employees, and welcomed our first customers.

We invented our platform aieos. The first iteration integrated into our ways of work and rapidly reduced build time - early proof of the power of aieos.

We intentionally shaped our core values.


We rapidly built several new enterprise solutions, a mix of new system builds and cloning to the cloud. This was for customers in a range of industries including banking, utilities, advertising, and manufacturing.

For our finance customers, we built a banking charge-back solution that slashed refund process time from 60 days to 10 minutes. We built a commercial lending platform automating hundreds of processes that reduced loan approvals from 30 days to 2 days.


We grew to hit 21 employees and continued to evolve aieos, proving further Clone2Cloud use cases in middle and back-office systems.

We broke new territory with inventory and just-in-time ordering, merchant portals, retail loans originations, and straight through credit cards processing.

Our partnership program launched, and we became a Microsoft Gold Global Innovations Partner.


Using aieos, we continued testing and advancing the Clone2Cloud technology in further industry use cases.

aieos integrated with its first secure international payments gateway.


Our remote-first approach to work saw our team of 35 situated across Australia. We launched our culture-by-design principles and our first ESOP.

Off the back of the Banking Royal Commissions, we launch a "hind sighting" solution. We test and prove use cases involving complex pricing configuration in energy.


Ready to scale, we secure our first capital funding raise. We welcome investor partners Colinton Partners and Our Innovation Fund, and our board expands to include seasoned global executives.

Gartner released its vision for composable business that aligns to the Clear Dynamics data-first approach.

We deliver an end-to-end personal loan application platform and staff servicing with APRA-approved serviceability calculator and credit decisioning, using aieos’ sophisticated decisioning engine.


We achieved certification for ISO 27001 InfoSec & Management. We were endorsed by Great Place to Work and won an industry award for diversity and inclusion.

Our customers are now global. Using aieos, we build a trading platform with 80 integrations, an automated price saving application with sign-up and quotations, and further optimisation of management processes for energy retailers.


We complete a series A-1 funding round raising capital to support continued growth. We continue to invest in R&D with AI-enabled data mapping applications.

aieos is piloted across two significantly complex federal government use cases.

We are recognised as a Great Place to Work for Women.


We complete a service A-2 funding round and continue to invest in aieos, delivering on a roadmap of tooling and maturation of capabilities.

At 60 employees, we are endorsed by Great Place to Work for Technology. Our employees hail from 30 different nations, and women make up over 40% of our workforce with over 59% working in technical roles.


Our aieos technology continues to be proven with a state government use case. We appoint a new board member, Neil McMurchy.

Our partner strategy and relationships continue to deepen.

The year ahead looks bright.

Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team reflects a richness of capabilities and diverse experience.

Daniel BeatyDaniel Beaty

Daniel Beaty

Founder & Chief Technical Officer
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profile picture Dimitri Lanssensprofile picture Dimitri Lanssens

Dimitri Lanssens

Chief Executive Officer
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Profile photo Jenny WilsonProfile photo Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Chief Customer Officer
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Profile photo of Tessa KuiperProfile photo of Tessa Kuiper

Tessa Kuiper

Head of Platform and Architecture
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Profile photo of Jason SinghProfile photo of Jason Singh

Jason Singh

Chief Financial Officer
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Profile photo of Roslyn HamesProfile photo of Roslyn Hames

Roslyn Hames

Head of Revenue Operations
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Tony Corrigan

Head of Sales
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Our board of directors

Profile picture of Steve NolaProfile picture of Steve Nola

Steve Nola

Director and Board Chair
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Daniel BeatyDaniel Beaty

Daniel Beaty

Founder & Chief Technical Officer
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Profile picture of Simon MooreProfile picture of Simon Moore

Simon Moore

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Profile picture of Jerry SteselProfile picture of Jerry Stesel

Jerry Stesel

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Profile picture of John MeacockProfile picture of John Meacock

John Meacock

Independent Director
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Profile picture of Neil McMurphyProfile picture of Neil McMurphy

Neil McMurchy

Independent Director
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Profile picture of Martin StricklandProfile picture of Martin Strickland

Martyn Strickland

Board Observer
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Profile picture of David SheinProfile picture of David Shein

David Shein

Board Observer
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We built our values as a team of four. Our values underpin our vision for our future.

Customer Focused

We work side-by-side with customers to help them reach their ambitions

Team Orientated

Our peloton powers forward thanks to collaboration and trust


We remove speed limits to deliver innovation and value, fast


We work with integrity and open minds


We value diversity and embrace everyone’s unique superpowers

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