Our Approach

We use aieos, our code-generation and pipeline automation platform, that builds all layers of the application starting with your data.

Within days to a few weeks depending on the complexity, you have working software with your data. You and your team can see and interact with your data in working modernised software.

Data first has enormous benefits

Too many software development projects and big software transformations fail at the final hurdle – getting data into the new system. At Clear Dynamics we flip the normal process on its head. Instead of ingesting data at the end of the process, we do it at the beginning and it informs everything we do from there.

Benefits of the data-first approach include:

Clarifying business requirements – leading to a better software outcome
Removing long, complicated migration efforts at the end of the project – delivering shorter, more predictable timeframes
Ensuring no data is left behind in old systems – meaning no period where staff have to work in two systems at once

Beginning your modernisation journey

We take a data-first approach because there is a lot of intrinsic value in your data. Our highly differentiated machine approach to coding ensures consistency, security and architectural integrity.

Ingest your data structure
Migrate your data
Integrate with rocket speed
Reverse engineer your processes
Automate your workflow
Build using machine automation processes
Enhance your evergreen solution without tech debt
Provide you with an outstanding customer experience

With the risks of perpetuating technical debt now evident through security breaches, ransomware attacks, and highly embarrassing software failures (all at an all-time high), now is the time to consider obtaining assistance in the form of application modernisation and migration service providers.


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