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Reduced customer claim resolution time from 45 days to hours






Case management

The Challenge

This customer was challenged with rapidly increasing fraud cases.  

The manual nature of the processes was cost prohibitive to the organisation and also raised quality issues due to the risk of errors in manual data at increasing volumes. Much of the manual process stepped between an on-shore and off-shore team. Often days would be lost due to this.

Clear Dynamics was tasked with automating the fraud case management process and creating queues with the goal of lowering operational costs whilst maintaining quality of the fraud management process.

The Solution


•       Integration with AI fraud detection systems

•       Automated processing of specific cases based on criteria

•       Prioritisation, hold and filtering of claims based on a defined set of rules.  E.g. Settlement date

•       Automated sms and templated communications


•      Integration with major credit card products to build for real time messaging and alerting

•      Simplified customer claim view for staff interaction, including drill-down access to detailed claims information

•      Dropdown menus for claims actions


•       Data simplification for reporting flexibility

•       Preconfigured report formats

Export of reports into multiple formats for business insights

The Value

•       Reaching ROI benefits ahead of business case

•       Simplified claims management process with improved user experience for staff

•       Increased automation of process for reduced human handling

•       Improved productivity and reduced operational overheads

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