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Demonstrating 99% automation of the process for Clone2Cloud of legacy applications within five weeks






Application and Certification

The Challenge

An organisation was faced with the challenges often experienced with legacy applications, performance issues, erroneous functionality, and constraints to change, all of which was impacting productivity, customer experience and business performance.

The option to transition to a COTs solution was not feasible.  Further more, there was inherent risk and concern in the feasibility for migration of data to a new Target System.

The Solution

Clear Dynamics was engaged to deliver a Clone2Cloud solution constituting a sample set of processes and data.

aieos was leveraged to:

·      Automatically ingest the underlying data dictionary from an excel spreadsheet

·      Automatically generate a first version of working software – including the underlying data layer, forms and form elements, component behaviour of the data, and a staff experience layer

·      Apply data analysis and visualisation to interrogate and reverse engineer rules pertaining to matching, scoring and calculations, and configuring workflows to deliver end-to-end processes for certification.

·      Expose processes via a web portal for citizen engagement, adapting the UI to align.

The Value

CD completed the initial Proof of Value within five weeks, demonstrating 99% automation of the process for clone2cloud of legacy applications:

  1. Risk Mitigation – performance, security and zero risk data migration
  2. Total Cost of Ownership – Reduced time and cost to clone in first instance.  Along with continuous modernisation of underlying technology for zero future tech debt.
  3. Future ready – 100% configurable, delivering low unit cost of change and high responsiveness to change (including regulatory change).

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