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Data is this start-up's IP, not their software. aieos is the data-first platform that enables this.


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Quotation engine and market monitor

The Challenge

Our customer is a start-up business that is looking to reduce the non-discretionary cost of living.

The customer was looking to simplify a complex energy market by providing an end-to-end savings journey for its users from processing existing electricity and gas bills, through to comparing real-time market plans and finally accepting a new, cheaper service offer.

Commercially, the customer was pursuing a model of channel partners, as its Go To Market, as a key differentiator. Also, engaging with off-market retailer direct offers as a key differentiator.  The technology solution would need to cater to these b2b partner and customer relationships.

The Solution

Clear Dynamics delivered a novel operating system that allows:

•       Market comparison customised to the specific data and infrastructure of users, rather than providing a generic comparison (transposing granular PDF bill in formation into metadata for automated comparison).

•       Calculation of estimated savings (quotation engine) based on the best options for savings customised to the individual - integration with real-time market plans and offers.

•       Auto-switching to other suppliers and plans including specific customer offers.

•        Auto-monitoring based on user preference for automatic search of new potential savings.

•       Channel partner – white-label access to partners.

The Value

•       aieos is the customer's underlying technology solution for taking their business to market.  

•       The startup understands data as their IP, not software – aieos is the data first platform that enables this.

•       High degree of flexibility and sophistication that allows the customer to differentiate from its competitors, and to easily expand to new verticals overtime.

•       Highly automated integration capability for expanding retailers and channel partners efficiently.

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