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The Challenge

One of Australia’s largest outsourced marketing manufacturers were rationalising their legacy ERP environment. They had introduced an off-the-shelf ERP for their Configuration, Pricing and Quoting (CPQ) solution. However, this ERP could not handle the distinctive manufacturing (job) process of the organisation, and the underlying data reconciliation required for final invoicing.

The customer had gone down the path of custom build for the job processing. However, when they realised the complexity of the integrations, and the > 10,000 hours of work effort to compete this task, this option was no longer tenable.

The Solution

Using our interoperable aieos platform, Clear Dynamics were engaged to deliver three outcomes:

  1. Design and configure the underlying data model to facilitate a full end-to-end reconciliation of a job, from order to invoice
  2. Configure the necessary integrations between the incoming CPQ solution, existing planning software, > 500 custom customer applications, and external 3PL.  
  3. Design and configure the job manufacturing process, with a GUI for factory floor staff to manage their allocated tasks.

The Value

CD has completed Phase One of the project with Phase Two now in progress.  The value across these two phases is:

  1. Cost savings – facilitating the decommissioning of three legacy ERPs, with increased process automation
  2. Revenue quality and optimisation – enabling end-to-end reconciliation of a quote to the delivered job, for accurate and traceable invoicing.
  3. Job costing and margin optimisation – purpose-fit functionality for tracking staff time and utilisation by task, for each stage of the manufacturing process.  
  4. Reducing Total Cost of Ownership – inter-operable, platform.  A configurable, non-coded (evergreen) solution that reduces unit cost of change.      

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