Roslyn Hames

Head of Revenue Operations

As part of the founding team at Clear Dynamics, Roslyn is to our culture and compliance as is Dan to our technology. As COO, she architected much of the early business foundations. As CPO, she is custodian of our culture-by-design, resulting in Clear Dynamics being listed twice as a "Great Place to Work" in Australia two years running and a "Best Place to Work for Women" and the Technology category in Australia and NZ. That we employ 42% women and 27 different cultures is a consequence, not a coincidence, of her work.

Roslyn now brings 25+ years’ experience in commercial roles in technology companies, and her Clear Dynamics DNA into heading up Revenue Operations. She has a BA in Literature and a Master of Leadership, studies law, and sits on a variety of boards. Roslyn is our original empathetic agitator, always encouraging us to show up to work as our authentic selves.

Outside of her professional life, you’re likely to find her involved in her creative community, making music, dancing or roller skating, or simply hanging with her friends and family.